Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Piano Scores (Part 5)

last updated: Jan 11, added Guang Liang - Yue Ding



Sorry I still couldnt find "Zhi Neng Bao Zhe Ni"'s scores :(
a bit sad about it cos I also want it badly.. but I'm still looking and will upload it as soon as I got it.. ^^v

Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday, May 28, 2007

Piano Scores (Part 2)

Hi.. sorry it took me a looongg time to add more sheets.. these are all non .ove files I have now.. I'll convert the .ove ones once I have the tym (as if I was busy anyway) ^^





Enjoy! ^^

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Piano Scores (Part 1)

Hey there..
For those of you who r looking for piano scores, i hope these links help..

Note that you need Overture software from Geniesoft to open ".ove" files, GuitarPro to open some of the guitar tabs (dunno the format.. .gp?), and Adobe Acrobat Reader to open ".pdf" files..

  • ABC Music (solo piano but not many songs available)

  • Sheet Music USA (some classical n oldies for piano n guitar)

  • Mr Piano (kinda like this one, has many new popular songs but mostly the songs r not for solo piano)

  • Jay Chou Studio (as u might know from its name, for those who loves his songs, you can get the scores from here, password to open the files is provided there)

  • 流行钢琴网 PoPiano (a site in chinese language, has lots and lots of chinese songs, some r .ove files, some r purely images.. the site has japanese, korean, n western songs too, midi files r available too)

  • 虫虫钢琴 Chong Chong Gang Qin (similar to PoPiano but it also provides images and mp3 for the songs besides .ove n midi files.. that's what i love bout this site!!! :D uhm.. this site is in chinese)

not many links.. i know.. :(
oh but i found some of the links thru some friends in Multiply, you might want to look there (registration needed) :D
Now here are some files I've collected along the way.. downloaded them, printed them out, but still no sign of me being able to play them by heart :D




Waaaaahhh.. okkkkk... that's all for now.. i might be adding some more (after i find a way to convert my .ove files to .gif, or i might just share the .ove files) :D
anyone has "Zhi Neng Bao Zhe Ni" by Guang Liang n Fish Leong? please please pleaseeeee....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What A Wonderful World!!!

".. and I say to myself,
what a wonderful world.."

wearing green today.. to reduce the heat in the air haha.. there has been something wrong with this room's aircon for days..

and as i wandered around the office, stopping here n there (gossiping in finance dept, red.), i can really feel the difference.. *sigh* .. n now, back in this room (graphic dept, red.), it somehow just feels even hotter!!!

A story about ASP :D

I'm making a gallery page n found problem trying to display the pictures.. some of the pics' dimensions r larger than the frame's n it got ruined (the frame just went here n there, very messy!!!)

<img src="ehm.jpg" width="380">

using "width" with the "img" properties didnt do any good.. as u might know, it resizes all the pics to that specified width, including the small pics, showing every bit of their pixels..

<img src="ehm.jpg" style="max-width:380">

Sure, that works with Mozilla n perhaps any other browser, but not IE.. Oh i supposed it should work with Opera too..
the small pics r shown in their real dimensions, while the big ones r shown in the specified width (380).. with Opera too, but the frame was still a mess, as if the pic hasnt been resized at all..!!

.previmg {
width: expression(this.width > 380 ? 380: true);

browsed the i-net n found above code.. thanx to phydeaux3 .. just add that css code and change the img tag to:

<img src="ehm.jpg" class="previmg">

n voila! the IE problem's solved..
unfortunately, it's still the same problem with Opera..
by that time, my senior told me that's a common problem in design, just ignore it n stick to the most-use browser (IE)

imgpath = Server.MapPath("./ehm.jpg")
Set fs= CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If fs.fileExists(imgpath) Then
set myImg = loadpicture(imgpath)
imgwidth = myImg.width/26.4583
If imgwidth <= 380 Then
imgwidth = imgwidth
imgwidth = 380
End If
End If
Response.Write("<img src=""ehm.jpg"" width=""" & imgwidth & """>")

Finally!! found this code.. thanx to Frank and all problems r solved!! hahahaha.. so happyyyyyyyyyy... (for now) :D
who says that "4" is a bad number??

perhaps there's a simplier way??

Monday, October 09, 2006


Daily Bread
"Then he adds:
"Their sins and lawless acts
I will remember no more."
- Hebrews 10:17

Got scolded last Thursday cos I didnt go with my "brother".. actually, it's not because of him, but it's because lately I came home late from work n kept saying "no" when my friends' asked me to go out n meet them..

Well, i just dont like the feeling of leaving something unfinished i can even dream about the project!!! (until I realized that it is late n i have to go home).. :( n that leaves me with "take shower", "play an hour of piano", and "nite nite sleep".. that was why my mom bla bla me.. saying "if u dun get extra for working over hour, then why do u do that? u need to be selfish sometimes, that way you can have time to socialize, go out with friends, refreshing, find a new friend.. not just work work work!!"

That makes sense..

Then yesterday.. I went to a wedding party with my dad.. the groom was my cousin's wife's nephew.. but last nite was the first time i saw him (ok, that's not nice).. he was an only child.. so they made a big party.. with champagne and 100 tables with 10 people each.. oh and I met one of my "brothers" (not the one that i was supposed to meet on Thursday, but he knew bout it --> news travels fast.. if one of them knows something, the others do too.. so if i have any problem at all, telling it to one of them would be like "announcing" it.. duuuhhh n btw, he agreed to what my mom said), the bride n the groom were his friends back in Aussie.. haha what a small world..